The year of 2015
31 December 2015

Wow, what an incredible year I've had. Not just photographically and artistically, but wow have I grown and delighted in all the little and exciting adventures that came my way. I am so lost for words with gratitude and emotional at the thought of all the people I've been blessed to call my family and friends this year. There are so many new and challenging things happening next year, but knowing the year I've had and the people who've helped me through it all, I know that my 2016 is going to be the best yet. Thank you to all my couples, families + friends who have trusted in me and allowed me to capture who they were. It was truly an honour and delight! x

Thank you also to Courtney Horwood Photography and Maree Wilkinson Photography for having me along to second shoot this year and for teaching me to better myself in my craft! x