Mosaic Leadership Pursuit
9 November 2015

Wow, what can I say about this incredible, inspiring + life shifting event? Mosaic Leadership Pursuit had the privilege of hosting Erwin McManus + friends, and I won't be the only one saying that it was nothing short of beautiful community, encouragement, inspiration, humour + the warm and overwhelming presence of the Lord. Erwin carries something very deep, peaceful + inviting with him and his passion for showing Jesus to the world has given me and many many others a fresh and moving perspective on how to be God's story in the world. Our own amazing pastor Joel Milgate joined in sharing his thoughts and wisdom, and it made me super proud to be part of such a loving, humble, and God seeking family called Mosaic. So many inspiring things were said, but these were some that really stuck with me;

"Any moment I'm not thinking about God is a danger to me...Being connected to God should be like breathing." - Erwin

"If you have truth, you have an open soul and you don't need to be afraid of anyone." - Erwin

"Don't work hard to be chosen, work hard because we've already been chosen." - Joel

"Faithfulness is the bread and butter of leadership." - Joel