Faces of Raglan Preview
5 December 2016

This is Maurizio and he is from Italy. I photographed him and 15 other people who I'd never met for a portrait series I wanted to do while in Raglan. I asked all of them a series of questions, and their faces and stories will be featured on my blog soon.

Maurizio used to work as a lifeguard, but has now been travelling the world since 2003 for surfing. He speaks four languages (Spanish, Italian, Wolof and English) and is now learning te reo as the fifth one! He loves Maori culture and believes studying the language is a huge way of becoming part of New Zealand culture and honouring the people.

When I asked him what love meant to him, this is what he answered;

"Love comes with a package. It's little small things. Unity, respect, manners, compassion and gratitude. There are so many more things that could describe love, but those five words were the first I thought fitted well."

More details soon x

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