Cafe Vibes - Henry + Ted
25 September 2017

I am quite excited to say I have started a new photography series where I visit cafes around New Zealand and aim to capture their vibes through my images. I have always loved visiting cafes, especially since I worked in them for 3+ years! I love seeing the different interior designs, the food options, and how the staff interact with their customers.

Henry & Ted is located in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, and began in 2015 as a quirky small cafe in a shipping container! As demand grew, George the owner bought the current property and lived in a caravan while the cafe was being built to keep interest going for the new transformation.

First of all, I LOVED the yellow. Granted, it's my favourite colour, but the vibrancy of yellow just lit up the whole place and made you feel happy.

  • The staff were really friendly and I had a delicious granola breakfast with coconut yoghurt and almond milk; ideal for me as a GF and DF consumer.
  • The coffee was divine!
  • The cafe is very kid friendly and has plenty of space for them to play and for parents to enjoy their meals and coffees.
  • There are tons of options for particular foodies; including GF, DF, vegan and paleo deliciousness to choose from.
  • There is heaps of beautiful daylight coming through the large windows which also makes the space feel more open. The whole interior design is modern, with gorgeous greenery placed all around the space. I also liked the daffodils in the middle of the tables, and the yellow chairs and plants outside which, once again, made everything just that little bit brighter.

 I know one visit is probably not enough to fully know the constant vibes of a cafe, but I believe first impressions are crucial! All in all, I dig this place. Go and check them out for yourself and get your happy on :)