Sneak Peek - Mikah + Andrew
8 January 2018

On a windy and rainy Friday these two got married. And it was awesome. More soon x

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Chare + The Wharf
13 December 2017

Goodness me, it took me a while to get around to posting these, but here they are. Charé is one beautiful young lady who brings joy to everyone who is around her with her bright smile and positivity. It was super lovely to hang out, chat, and try out some shots at the Wharf in Ahur.....Read More

Little Olive
2 November 2017

My beautiful sister in law had a gorgeous little girl a few months back and of course I had to capture her within the first few weeks of her life. She's such a precious little bundle, it's always so special to photograph babies x

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Archive: October 17
Sneak Peek - Chare + The Wharf
28 October 2017

More soon x

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Archive: September 17
Cafe Vibes - Henry + Ted
25 September 2017

I am quite excited to say I have started a new photography series where I visit cafes around New Zealand and aim to capture their vibes through my images. I have always loved visiting cafes, especially since I worked in them for 3+ years! I love seeing the different interior designs, the food opt.....Read More

Archive: August 17
Melody - Part 2
23 August 2017

More from the session on top of Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay x

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Sneak Peek - Little Olive
21 August 2017

This weekend I got to meet my new beautiful niece Olive. What a tiny bundle of gorgeousness! More soon x

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Archive: April 17
Siblings On The Beach
27 April 2017

Oh how I love autumn and the holidays! I took my sister, niece and nephew out to the beach for an afternoon a few weeks ago to have a play, and of course have some ice cream at the end. It was a beautiful afternoon filled with sun, swimming, laughing and playing.

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Sneak Peek - Melody
26 April 2017

Just hanging out above the clouds this morning with the lovely Melody from Letfus Photo. More from t.....Read More

Birthday Boy
23 April 2017

Post beach swim and towel-wrapped cuddles with this beautiful boy! Can't believe he is 6 years old already! Just look at that face! x

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Archive: March 17
Karmi + Chare
12 March 2017

I have the privilege this year of living right next to these two beautiful sisters, and a few weeks ago we decided to take a little trip and take some photos in the gloriously sunny weather. Oh was it worth it!! Enjoy x

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Archive: January 17
Wedding - Amy + Matt
11 January 2017

On December 30th 2016 Amy + Matt got married at the stunning Huka Falls Resort in Taupo. It was my last wedding before I head to the Hawke's Bay to embark on a teaching career, and it was the best one I could have asked for. Amy and Matt are two .....Read More

Archive: December 16
Sneak Peek - Amy + Matt
31 December 2016

Amy + Matt got married yesterday and flip it was a beautiful day! These two are such kind and lovely people, and their love for each other was just radiating all day. The Huka Falls resort is a stunning venue and the surrounding Taupo forests and sunsets just made taking photographs that much mor.....Read More

Preview - The Boltons
22 December 2016

Father and son on the beach today! More of Dan, Liv, and little Brooklyn soon x

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Preview - Marieke's Wedding
19 December 2016

My beautiful little sister got married on Saturday and man did she look amazing. Words cannot describe the feeling you get as an older sister when you see her so happy with the best guy for her by her side. It was such a special day.

Ofcourse I had to take a snap before we headed to th.....Read More

Raglan, New Zealand
11 December 2016

I spent a glorious weekend away by myself in one of my favourite places in New Zealand. I always want to take my camera along so here are some of the beautiful sights I beheld x

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Raglan Preview
6 December 2016

I had the most relaxing time away last weekend in Raglan. I stayed in a cosy and warm caravan and just marvelled at the landscape, sunsets, and beautiful people. It is so good to go somewhere and To stop and think man, I love my life. To forget about all the things you need to do.....Read More

Faces of Raglan Preview
5 December 2016

This is Maurizio and he is from Italy. I photographed him and 15 other people who I'd never met for a portrait series I wanted to do while in Raglan. I asked all of them a series of questions, and their faces and stories will be featured on my blog soon.

Maurizio.....Read More

Moose Lodge, Part 2
1 December 2016

A week or so ago I was in absolute awe of the beautiful Moose Lodge which I got to photograph as a part of a tea party set up for A Splendid Afternoon. I don't think I've ever.....Read More

Archive: November 16
Moose Lodge, Rotorua, Part 1
30 November 2016

A week or so ago I was in absolute awe of the beautiful Moose Lodge which I got to photograph as a part of a tea party set up for A Splendid Afternoon. I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful.....Read More

Archive: September 16
Wedding - Pip + Adam
7 September 2016

I'm very late with posting these, and I can say nothing except for it having been a crazy year! These were taken this past summer when I was second shooting for the amazing Maree Wilkinson Photography x

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Archive: July 16
Family Beach Session
12 July 2016

It doesn't get much cuter than this! x

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Archive: April 16
Project Grace
21 April 2016

I've started a new project that is very dear to my heart. It features life stories of  struggle, fear, hope, and finding redemption in Love. Read more over on the fresh Project Grace Blog and follow the blog to read more i.....Read More

Wedding - Katrina + Hughwyn
8 April 2016

Goodness what a day! My last wedding of this season was definitely one to remember and to leave me with a huge smile on my face. I have known Katrina since my first year at uni so when the time came for her to get married I was so stoked she asked me to photograph the day! And boy was it wo.....Read More

Sneak Peek - Katrina + Hughwyn
2 April 2016

My last wedding for this season, and boy was it a great way to end it! More soon x

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Archive: March 16
Sneak Peek - Jacqui + PK
16 March 2016

The most relaxed wedding on the beach. More soon x

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Sneak Peek - Monique + Mason
9 March 2016

Such a beautiful day! More soon x

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Archive: February 16
Sneak Peek - Mel + Graham
26 February 2016

More soon! x

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Wedding - Kirsty + Gene
8 February 2016

Gosh, this was truly such a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the wind was gently blowing, and we got to take pictures in something that looked like an enchanted forest with the bridal party, so I was happy! Kirsty + Gene were the most relaxed and genuine couple, and their love for e.....Read More

Sneak Peek - Kirsty + Gene Married
5 February 2016

Such a gorgeous day and beautiful wedding! More soon x

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Archive: January 16
A Few Days in Taupo
28 January 2016

A blissful time away before the hectic year of 2016 begins! x

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Katrina + Hughwyn Engaged
20 January 2016

I absolutely adore these two! I have known Katrina since my first year of university study back in 2009, so when she told me she wanted me to photograph her wedding I was beyond excited! She's full of life and kindness, and when I met her lovely Hughwyn I knew they were so right for each ot.....Read More

Kind Words From Lisa + Uelese
14 January 2016

Thank you so so much x

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Archive: December 15
The year of 2015
31 December 2015

Wow, what an incredible year I've had. Not just photographically and artistically, but wow have I grown and delighted in all the little and exciting adventures that came my way. I am so lost for words with gratitude and emotional at the thought of all the people I've been blessed to call my.....Read More

Wedding - Lisa + Uelese
27 December 2015

Wow, what a beautiful day this was. I was actually quite emotional a few times during the day, especially when I call these two beautiful people my friends. Seeing two cultures come together as one was very special to see, and when they kept honouring God for the blessings in their relation.....Read More

Sneak Peek - Lisa + Uelese
15 December 2015

Can't wait to show you more of this awesome day soon x

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Playing With Sparklers
8 December 2015

This was the first time I have played around with sparklers and I'm pretty stoked with the results! My sister and her fiance bought some sparklers and we thought we'd experiment with them, cellphones and ofcourse, my camera.Who doesn't love sparkler or night photos right!  Merry early .....Read More

Michelle's Baby Shower
2 December 2015

On Saturday Michelle invited many friends + family to celebrate having her first child. We are all so excited for her, and can't wait to see her grow and flourish as a new mama. Congratulations Michelle, you're amazing! x

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Archive: November 15
Mini Family Holiday in Waihi
24 November 2015

This past weekend my family and I headed off to a friend's bach and stayed the weekend at Waihi beach. Our little house was only a minute walk from the beach, and as soon as I stepped inside, my photographic eyes went a little bit crazy. The walls were decorated with beach themed frames, sh.....Read More

Friends On The Beach
10 November 2015

One beautiful and windy Sunday afternoon, awesome friends got together and spent some quality time on the beach. Ofcourse I marvelled at the details and I took my camera along. So blessed by all of these faithful, hilarious and kind people x

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Mosaic Leadership Pursuit
9 November 2015

Wow, what can I say about this incredible, inspiring + life shifting event? Mosaic Leadership Pursuit had the privilege of hosting Erwin McManus + friends, and I won't be the only one saying that it was nothing short of beautiful community, encouragement, inspiration, humour + the warm and .....Read More

Archive: October 15
Beth + James - One Year
20 October 2015

On Sunday these two had been married for one year. Happy anniversary, here's to a lifetime more! x

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Windy Waihi
13 October 2015

A little getaway last weekend with the little sister x

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Archive: August 15
Mosaic Creative Night
29 August 2015

How wonderful is it to collaborate with not just the beautiful and incredible creatives of Mosaic, but the most amazing, creative, innovative and indescribable God in the universe? Last night the creative team organised the first creative team night and man how great it was! Simon Hayward l.....Read More

Marieke + Daniel Engaged
20 August 2015

These two are very special to me for one very obvious reason; Marieke is my little sister. After four years together Daniel proposed on the beach and now they are ecstatic to spend the rest of their lives being with eachother. They are both studying nursing and have to wait until su.....Read More

Double Exposure Portrait
19 August 2015

The lovely Stacey and I went for a random stroll and played with our cameras. This is one of the results! I will be posting more of our little adventure soon x

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Sneak Peek - Riek + Dan Engaged
17 August 2015

More soon x

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Lisa & Uelese Engaged
7 August 2015

These two are such an inspiration to be around. They are generous, kind hearted, in love with Jesus (and each other ofcourse), and just generally all-round lovely people. The sun shone beautifully on a Sunday afternoon and we took a little drive just outside of Tauranga to make use of some .....Read More

Archive: July 15
Finding Stillness On The Beach
27 July 2015

Watching the sunset is my most favourite thing to do in the world (besides star gazing). I love when the light becomes soft, the beach less crowded, and the colours of the dunes, trees and all the pretty little creations become warmer and warmer. Sometimes when my thoughts go a little crazy.....Read More

Sneak Peek - Lisa + Uelese Engaged
24 July 2015

I love these two. They are both hilarious, so kind hearted and generous. Can't wait to show you more soon x

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Queenstown Holiday
21 July 2015

Oh South Island, how I love you! My mini holiday with mama was filled with lots of cold but beautiful winter wonder, snowy mountains, road trips to the middle of nowhere, hot tea and taking in the magnificence of it all. Next time I'm going deep into the mountain ranges beyond Glenorchy x.....Read More

Barren But Beautiful Trees
16 July 2015

When I was in Queenstown we drove past Glenorchy into some insanely LOTR lookalike mountain ranges (I may or may not have sung some of the soundtrack out loud) and we came across these mystical set of trees, completely barren but awesome looking. I wish I could have camped out there.....Read More

Wedding - Naomi + Bernard
9 July 2015

These two are such beautiful people! Everything about their day was so relaxed and filled with love, I was stoked to be a part of it. Thank you Courtney Horwood Photography for having me along to second shoot! x

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Sneak Peek - Queenstown Holiday
6 July 2015

It was so so beautiful! Can't wait to show you more soon x

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Archive: June 15
Sneak Peek - Little Zara
23 June 2015

Oh my goodness, this little girl's cake smash was just adorable and she was so content with nibbling away at the lavendar coloured, vanilla flavoured cake. More from this cutie soon x

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Archive: May 15
WW2 Inspired Dutch Shoot
22 May 2015

First of all, I was absolutely stoked to see that this shoot got featured on an actual Dutch wedding blog 'The Perfect Wedding'. It makes me very proud to be Dutch and to inspire all those Dutch brides and brides-to-be! Have a look below:

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Sneak Peek - Naomi + Bernard
17 May 2015

More soon x

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Commemorating Liberation Day 1945
5 May 2015

Today was a very special day for me. Not only did I get to work with an incredible team to make this shoot happen, but I also got to commemorate the Dutch Liberation Day (bevrijdingsdag) in WWII exactly 70 years ago (1945) and honour the sacrifices my grandfather and great grandfather made .....Read More

Archive: April 15
Wedding - Jess + Stu
28 April 2015

These two are dear friends of mine and beautiful individuals, so I was honoured to capture their day. It generally poured down all day except for when the ceremony began and during photo time, praise the Lord! Here are some of my favourites x

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26 April 2015

Oh how the eyes can tell a story! Naomi all ecstatic before walking down the aisle last month x
Taken whilst second shooting for Courtney Horwood Photography.

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Sneak Peek - Jess + Stu Wedding
14 April 2015

More soon x

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Jess + Stu Engaged
10 April 2015

Today is actually the day they will be saying their 'I do's'! As I'm listening to the early morning chirps and breezes I thought I'd give you a bit of a peek at these friends of mine. Today is going to be awesome! x

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Sandi + Robbie's First Dance
8 April 2015

Sandi + Robbie's first dance was just the sweetest thing ever. More from this wedding soon x

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Archive: March 15
Jess & Stu Engaged Sneak Peek
27 March 2015

Location scouting always calls for some impromptu images I say! So stoked for these two on their engagement, can't wait for their wedding in exactly 2 weeks! A few more from today on the blog soon x

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Sneak Peek - Wiki & Ra
21 March 2015

Wiki + Ra being all cute on their wedding day a few weeks ago. More soon! x

Taken whilst second shooting for Courtney Horwood Photography. 

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Little Lucy
13 March 2015

Just before this lovely little human turned five, we spent a few hours together (with mum watching behind the scenes) in a secluded little forest that once was a paintball field. The first time I saw this place, I knew I wouldn't be back just once. I love it!

Lucy was jus.....Read More

Wedding - Janelle & Jono
10 March 2015

It was a very hot but beautifully sunny day when I got to second shoot with Courtney Horwood Photography  for Janelle & Jono's wedding. The large bridal party were super fun, adventurous and hilarious, so I couldn't stop smilin.....Read More

Sneak Peek - Little Lucy.
3 March 2015

I got to have a play with beautiful Lucy in the coolest location ever, an abandoned paintball field! She was incredible in front of the camera, and I can't wait to show you more! Stay tuned, because the rest of the images are definitely worth the wait!

Only a few more weeks until thi.....Read More

Archive: February 15
Wedding - Gabrielle & Riki
6 February 2015

I had so much fun second shooting this wedding with Courtney Horwood Photography at the beautiul Bella Vista Lodge venue. Gorgeous views, gorgeous people and gorgeous moments. Can't wait to shoot more weddings with Courtney this seas.....Read More

Archive: January 15
Little MacKenzie.
21 January 2015

Too gorgeous for words!  So tiny and so loved already x

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The Mossop Family.
15 January 2015

This family was beyond lovely, and I felt so at ease and welcome amongst them. We had lots of laughs and lots of attempts to try and sit four kids together, or sit one of them on their own! It was a beautiful, hot, and bright day, and the sunshine and beach front created a very relaxed and .....Read More

Archive: December 14
Sunrise Ballerina Beauty.
28 December 2014

Oh, what a beautiful and glorious morning it was! Amy was so dedicated and awoke at 4AM to get herself ready, and I jumped with joy when I saw there were no clouds in the sky.

I love Tchaikovsky and ballet, so when I scored myself a record player and some records of the composer, I h.....Read More

Merry Christmas From Me!
26 December 2014

I do quite love this time of year and get a little bit crazy! Once again it was a day full of gifts, laughter, food, and love. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for all your support this year. Remember the gift x

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Tropical Beach Inspiration.
20 December 2014

On Tuesday December 9th some talented and creative ladies got together and helped me out with an incredible styled wedding shoot on Matakana Island. It was such a lovely cloudy and still day, and we had so much fun putting the day togethe.....Read More

Sneak Peek - Ballerina Shoot.
16 December 2014

Gahhhhh!!! Everything about this beautiful sunrise shoot was amazing! Can’t wait to show you more of this Tchaikovsky inspired shoot! x

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3 December 2014

Rachael is going to be my stunning model for the very exciting shoot we have planned for next week at a beautiful venue (stay tuned for this!), and after we took a road trip to Hamilton to try on some dresses, we had a little practice run before the actual thing! I have known Rachael f.....Read More

Archive: November 14
Ferrara di Monte Baldo, Italy.
8 November 2014

I think I have found one of my favourite places in Europe so far. We drove about 20 minutes up windy hills, on a road accompanied by farms, cows, lonely rocks, blooming trees and grey clouds which neared as we drove further up to the beautiful little village. I am in love!

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Little Maisy.
4 November 2014

What does one, or shall I say what do I do, when babysitting this little beauty? Well, dress her up and capture her cuteness! x

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Archive: October 14
Wedding - Beth & James.
26 October 2014

One week ago Beth and James got married on a cloudy and rainy, but beautiful and happy day.

I met B & J separately whilst studying at university, and it was so easy to get along with these cheerful, compassionate and loving two, despite them not knowing each other at the time. As.....Read More

Archive: August 14
A Landmark In Dordrecht.
24 August 2014

On my day off this week I cycled to Dordrecht and visited the breathtaking big church by the water in the city. Surrounded by boats, trees, little cafes, shops and houses, this church stands out and has a majestic presence in the old part of town.

This first picture translates: &ldqu.....Read More

Cute Cousins In Putten.
15 August 2014

This Monday I spent a beautifully sunny and momentarily rainy day in Putten, The Netherlands. My uncle and his family are spending their holiday there and so my oma and I went over and spent some quality time with him, his wife and three kids. I have to mention that I haven’t .....Read More

Archive: June 14
A Farm In Ottoland.
8 June 2014

I love the countryside, and I love everything to do with farms. The smell of cows, hay bales, freshly mowed grass, chicken food, and rusty tractors makes you feel like you’ve just entered a completely different part of Holland.

Ottoland is completely stunning. Farmland and old .....Read More

Archive: April 14
26 April 2014

I have known Amber pretty much all my life, but I hadn’t seen her for nearly ten years since emigrating to New Zealand in 2004. It was so nice to see her again and continue doing life with her. She’s completely hilarious and beautifully confident, and I loved photographing her o.....Read More

Love - Kristina & Wim.
15 April 2014

Right by the famous Nemo building, the Amsterdam Conservatorium, and Public Library, I photographed Kristina and Wim on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. We had never met before, but we warmed up to each other very easily and started having fun straight away! I had so much fun spending time with these t.....Read More

Archive: March 14
Amsterdam - My First Week.
8 March 2014

I arrived in The Netherlands at 6.10AM on the 7th of March and stumbled out of the airport completely exhausted and jet lagged. My long legs and bad back did not help lack of comfort during the 13 1/2 hour flight. But luckily I sat next to a lovely Columbian born gentleman who I talked wi.....Read More

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