A Farm In Ottoland.
8 June 2014

I love the countryside, and I love everything to do with farms. The smell of cows, hay bales, freshly mowed grass, chicken food, and rusty tractors makes you feel like you’ve just entered a completely different part of Holland.

Ottoland is completely stunning. Farmland and old farmhouses everywhere, and when you drive a little further through the back roads, there are endless beautiful Dutch homes on the water side which turns to ice in winter. Because we were driving (during a lovely sunset) I wasn’t able to capture this village, but I’m sure I will revisit this nostalgic place soon. I’m hoping for a cold winter so I can experience the ice skating too!

I wanted to photograph the countryside so Esther (whom I’ve photographed quite a few times now) took me to her cousin’s farm where we were given a bit of a tour of their little remote farm. As a bonus her two gorgeous little boys came and showed us their farming skills too.

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